Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance: Car insurance plans are designed to help cover potential car related damages, loss or injuries financially. It helps protect you, passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, property and your car. Car insurance also helps protects you in the event of a lawsuit associated with an incident involving your car. 

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Looking to know and understand the types of coverage? Rosado Insurance Agency makes it easy for you to understand. Let the complicated terms and wording for the agents! We’ll help you understand your coverage in a much simple way. Stay till the end! 

 Liability Insurance:  

This coverage protects third parties property and/or bodily injuries from damages by a vehicle accident you may cause. Liability Insurance is mandatory, which means, everyone who drives a vehicle in Texas MUST have at least liability insurance. 

The minimum liability limits you can carry in the Lone Star State are 30/60/25. What do limits mean? The limits on any type of coverage or policy are the amount of money you carry in the event of an accident or if you or any of the listed drivers in the policy file a claim.  

 30/60/25: Minimum coverage required by law. Per occurrence (per accident) 

  • Up to $30,000 bodily injury, if is only one passenger on the vehicle. 
  • Up to $60,000 bodily injury, if it’s two or more passengers on the vehicle.   
  • Up to $25,000 for the property that has been damaged by the vehicle accident. 

But, sometimes, those limits aren’t enough! What will happen if the damage you caused exceeds your liability limits? Unfortunately, the insurance company will pay for the amount of liability insurance you carry. Everything over those limits is at your expense. 

The good thing is our companies have a wide variety of liability limits you can take advantage of. Based on your needs, we can increase the liability limits to the amount of coverage that suits you. One of our specialized agents can GUIDE you through the process, HELPING you to decide the limits that fit your need. 


Collision Coverage: 

This coverage protects your vehicle if you’re involved in an accident where you’re at fault. The collision coverage carries the same amount you carried in the liability insurance for property damage. With this coverage, if you made a collision claim, you will have to pay a deductible for your vehicle’s repair. The deductibles range from Zero to $1,000 and some companies offer up to $2,500. For those who may be asking, YES, the deductibles you select will have an impact on your payment plan. We’ll discuss this in the Deductibles. 

Other than Collision “OTC” aka: Comprehensive Coverage:  

Imagine you park your vehicle on your driveway. The next morning when you wake up, walk to your vehicle and face the picture that just blurs your entire week.  While you where asleep, strong winds hit your area causing a tree branch to fall into your vehicle.   

The comprehensive “OTC” coverage, steps in on situations like the example mentioned above. Not only does it help with a fallen tree branch, but it will also cover your vehicle from: hail damage, hitting an animal, vandalism, and/or any damage to your vehicle that is NOT caused by an ACCIDENT. This coverage also carries the same limits (money) you carry on your liability for property damage limits. Like the collision coverage, you will have to pay a deductible for the repairs of your vehicle. 


These are the number of dollars you MUST pay out of your pocket if you file a claim under collision or comprehensive “OTC” coverage. When you’re looking for the right deductibles, remember to take into consideration your financial situation, the monthly payment, and the amount out of your pocket you will have to pay if a claim needs to be filed. You must choose the deductibles that better fit your situation.  

As we discussed in the Collision coverage, deductibles range from Zero and some companies offer higher deductibles up to $2,500. Remember, deductibles have a direct impact on your payment plan. Choosing your deductibles carefully is very important. As we stated before, deductibles affect your payment plan. They can increase or decrease the monthly payment. Selecting higher deductibles will lower the monthly payments because the insured (customer) must pay a larger amount of dollars out of the pocket (Deductible) and the insurance company will pay a lower amount if a claim is filed. On the other hand, if you decide to select a lower deductible the equation is reversed.  

How do deductibles work? When you file a claim under collision or comprehensive “OTC” coverage, the insurance company will pay the amount of money to repair the vehicle minus your deductible.  

Let’s go back to the fallen tree branch example. The repair cost to fix the damage caused by the tree branch is $2,000 and your deductible is $500. The amount you MUST pay out of your pocket (Deductible) is $500 and the insurance company MUST pay the remaining $1,500.  

$500 = deductible 

+$1,500 = Insurance Company 


$2,000 = Vehicles repairs Total cost  


**We’ll be updating with more coverage information soon.** 

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